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The creation of Vinegar Glog

1) Vinegar can be made by mother of vinegar (bacteria)2) Fermentation of the vinegar varies based on your own taste3) The oldest use of vinegar was to flavor food4) Vinegar is basically soured alcohol

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Four interesting things about Vinegar.....

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Four Different Vinegars

How is Vinegar made?This glog will cover how Vinegar is made. The chemical formula for regular distilled vinegar, also referred to as white vinegar, is CH3COOH + H2O (acetic acid diluted by water). You can choose a slow or fast fermentation process. The slow method takes months or one year, while the fast method takes 20 hours to 3 days.

Something Important!Acetic acid is important because it is one of the main ingredients. Acetic acid is formed by fermenting and oxidizing ethanol. Dilute it with water to make Acetic Acid

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Creation of Vinegar


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