The Creation of the Teddy Bear

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The Creation of the Teddy Bear

How the Idea Sparked


The Creation of the Teddy Bear

It all started when the 26th president of the United States of America went on a bear hunting trip. His name was Theodore Rosevelt; but many called him Teddy. That sparked Richard Stieff's idea as well as Morris Michtom's; to create a toy for children based off of Teddy's love of bears. The particular photo that caused this spark was a cartoon showcased in the Washington Post newspaper.

In the United States of America, a toymaker named Morris Michtom was creating the teddy bear. However he did this not knowing that someone on the other side of the world was inventing almost the same product. His name was Richard Steiff from Giengen, Germany. Many think that Richard Steiff was the only inventer of the teddy bear.

The renowned Teddy bear was in fact one of the first stuffed toys in that time. You see President Theodore Roosevelt was involved with Taxidermy; that is the stuffing of animals, he would hunt animals, once dead they would be stuffed and put on display. Richard Steiff was creating plush toys, which we call “stuffed animals” these products were targeted for children. He also gave the animals a more sweet and innocent appeal because stuffed animals are generally for adults, and lots of kids generally didn’t like the idea of killing and stuffing poor deer and ducks, etc.


By Nylah Grewal

Richard Steiff *_

Morris Michtom *~

How has it Impacted us?

A copy of Steiff'steddy bear from 1903.***

When did they make this?

The Teddy Bear has been celebrated throught story, film and the arts. It has become Today the Teddy Bear is generally used as a gift for many occasions. It symbolizes sympathy, love, and congratulations. That is what makes it such a great gift that holds many memories. Many of us have been bought or gifted a teddy, maybe when you were sick, it was your birthday, or there was a milestone in your life, for instance a graduation. Not only has the teddy bear inspired me but it has also inspired directors and writers. You may have heard of "Paddington" the book series, which is now a major motion picture. One show I whatched growing up was "The secret world of Benjamin Bear". This is just one more way Michtom and Steiff's ideas have influenced us. This product continues to be popular globally…it will never go out of date. You can find this iconic piece in almost any store even a grocery store. Not only is the teddy bear unique in its own ways, but this inspired so many stuffed animals. Not to mention countless companies specializing in “stuffies” you may have heard of this one…it goes by the name, “Beanie Boo”. The invention has impacted my life in many ways. I seem to have one for almost any milestone or memory of my life. The day I was born I was given one, as well as throughout the rest of my birthdays. Someone has given a teddy bear of any style or size up until my ninth birthday. Another example would be my first time and P.N.E, or my preschool graduation. It also fuelled my imagination, creativity, and inspired works of art, and games. In conclusion the teddy bear acted as a base for stuffed animals, without this product both Steiff and Michtom wouldn’t have come up with so many diverse ideas for children’s toys. As well as becoming a source of creativity for children across the globe.

Morris Michtom imediately composed this toy in 1902 with some help from his wife. However Steiff took more planning into his product. He only sketched and made a prototype in 1902. His final product was debuted at the Leipzig toy fair, where it caught almost no attention. That changed when an American buyer understood the craze in the US and bought 100 bears. He then ordered another 3,000 which saved and grew the company, making it much more popular.

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Morris Michtom created his teddy bear in Brooklyn, NY. Richard Steiff created his in Giengen, Germany. This is the small town that he grew up in. These amazing toymakers created this iconic toy on opposited sides of the world!

A map of where Brooklyn is located in NY,**

This map shows the whereabouts of Giengen. *

This is the exact political cartoon which was showcased in the Washington Post Newspaper.***

This is the new movie "Paddington". Featuring a loveable teddy bear. *^


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