The Creation of Adam

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The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam

Detailed Description of the PieceThe paiting is an image of god reaching his hand out to Adam and Adam doing the same thing. With the touch of god he is giving life to adam but also to man kind.

Genaral InformationMichelangelo's Creation of Adam is located on the celling of the Sistine Chaple in Vatican city, Rome, Italy. It was created between the 1508-1512 and the patron for Michelangelo's Creation of Adam was Pope Sixtus IV.

About the ArtistMichelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was born March 6,1475 and died February 18,1564 in Rome, Italy at age 88. He had five brothers and when his mom died he was placed with a stonecutter family. He was an

Renaissance ThemesMichelangelo's Creation of Adam has perspective, humanity, symmetry, and a Christian theme.



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