[2013] Diana Zarate: The coyote by Diana

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[2013] Diana Zarate: The coyote by Diana

When you see the coyote you will notice light brown fur with black on the tip of the coyote's fur.Adult coyote can be different colors like light yellow or yellowish -gray to brownish-yellow markings.A new born coyote weighs from 7to10 ounces.Coyotes can have tiny bit of black fur on the tip.The youg brown coyote weighs 50 pounds.The coyote has big,large,pointed ears and a long brushed tail.In fact,The coyotes' features make it possible for it to live in the desert.

The Coyote

The desert evironment is the perfect home for the coyote.A lot of coyotes can be found in North America from eastern Alaska to New England and south into Mexico and Panama. Coyotes can live in Sonoran Desert scrub, grass land,foothills,as well as in populated neighborhoods.Prior to European settlement in North America the coyote was found in Northern and central Mexico.Coyotes are known for how well they abapt to differenthabitats.Coyote can be found living in and around larg cities.

The coyote eats lots of types of food.Coyotes are omnivores,which means they eat anything,such as Cactus fruit,mesquite beans,flowers, insects,rodents,lizards,rabbit and snakes.Coyotes change colors with the season..Many coyotesbeen killed by many cars every year.Humans pose problemsfor coyotes as they try to navigate across our busy roads.Coyotes need lots of food for its diet.

Do you know that some ranchers dislike coyotes because the animals kill cattle,sheep,and other livestock.Coyote pelts were used to make coats and to trim parkas or other clothing.Other people, however, think coyotes help keep rodents away.




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