The Counter-Cultures

by LordAllagon
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The Counter-Cultures

Hippie CultureThey embraced the values of the Beat Generation. Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, and some used drugs such as marihuana and LSD. Eastern philosophy would influence them greatly, but they are more known for their music festivals, ‘health’ food, and 'flower power'.

The values they adopted were similar to the hippies’, though they also supported women’s rights, protests against discrimination of any kind, and were more open about ‘touchy’ subjects (for the time), like human sexuality and drug use.

The Counter-Cultures

Parallel to the Hippies, another subculture, one that was more centered into peace and social revolutions, was created. It grew particularly fast during the Vietnam War. Famous musicians and actors like the Beatles, George Carlin, Jane Fonda, and Bob Dylan, among others, were considered key figures in the subculture.



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