[2015] Levi Hopkins: The Count of Monte Christo

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[2015] Levi Hopkins: The Count of Monte Christo

The Count of Monte CristoAlexander DumasBy: 

The book is written shortly after Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled in 1814. The book begins in Marseilles, a seaport on the coast of France. For the majority of the book, the plot stays in France but in some cases the reader may find himself in Italy, or even Africa. " The quay was soon covered with the usual crowd of curious onlookers, for the arrival of a ship is always a great event in Marseilles." (1)

Characters Descriptions

Edmond Dantes: He is a young sailor who became the captian of the Pharaon. He is engaged to Mardedes the dark haired woman from Marseilles. He is a smart and very driven man." Standing beside the pilot ... was a young man with vigilant eyes." (1)Abbe Faria: He is a short man with long white hair and a black beard that hung down to his chest. He spent twelve years in prison. He was refered to by the jailers as the "Mad Priest" He eventually died in prison from a sudden attack caused by an illness. He is the one who gave the Count of Monte Cristo his fortune and much of his knowledge.

The Counte of Monte Cristo is a book about revenge. Edmond Dantes is falsly accused of treason and serves 14 years in prison before he escapes to hunt down the men responsible. Alexandre Dumas weaves complex story of vengagnce, by enhancing the background of his charecters. Although he has well developed charecters, Dumas sometimes has a slow pace that confuses the reader. He uses good diction with solid word choice. In the end, I think it was a good book and I would recommend it. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


Levi Hopkins Period 2 12/1/15

Six Word Story A quest for vengence and revenge.

Text to World Connection

Justice is a major theme in the book. This correlates to our world where it takes a large part in our daily lives. Edmond Dantes is driven to serve justice to those who injustly ruined his life. This connection is portrayed through the sense that he inflicting justice on those who accused him. Today this is seen through the many court cases that can be seen through out the news.These cases create a connection between our world and the book, "The Count of Monte Cristo".


Mersielles and the prison Chateau d'If> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWQQCUFJOio

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