The Coral Reefs

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The Coral Reefs

The Coral Reefs

Located near the Equator, water temps 84-103


Polyp - tiny animals, related to anemones and jellyfishNocturnal - sleep during the day, feed at night

Slow process -- up to decades - Accumulation of calcium carbonate (limestone) - Polyp forms bases of life then produces calcium carbonate which creates skeleton of the coral


Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Fringing Reef (Shore Reefs) - align the shores of beaches near the equator

Atoll - circular oceanic reef system surrounding, large (and often deep) central lagoon EX South Pacific Ocean mid-ocean, common in french polynesia carline & marshall islands, cook islands

Patch Reef- refer to comparatively small, isolated outcrops of coral surrounded by sand and/or seagrass

Barrier Reef - parallel to shore but are separated by a lagoon, less commonly found EX- Great Barrier Reef 1200 mi long.. not one single reef, large complex of many reefs put together

Abiotic - Temperature: 84-103 FSunlight/light penetration: light only penetrates first twenty meters of ocean, Buoyancy: JellyfishViscosity: resistance to the movement of sea water, contributes to the movement of animals and plants in reefs Salinity: high levels of salt in Great Barrier ReefDensity: density of water in Great Barrier Reef is always changing because of the depths of the water

Biotic - Coral, Bacteria, Algae, Sea weed, Jelly Fish, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Sea Slug, Sea Anemone, Sea Grass

Human Impacts- Pollution:-22% of coral reefs are threatened because of pollution -80% of land adjacent of coral reefs are farmland (use harsh pesticides which runnoff into oceans)-Fertilizers and pesticides-Run off-Sedimentation-Overfishing


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