the coral reef

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the coral reef

The Coral Reef !!


Seasons!*Winter-very little rain*Spring-very little rain*Autumn-Wet with a lot of rain* Summer -Wet with a lot of rain

Human Interference*Some agriculture and Industry companies release tons of chemicals into coastal waters.*Pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture have been known totake part in coral reef destruction.* Some chemicals can interfere with the food chain.

Solution to Human Interference*Teach large companies, tourists and students how to respect and treat Coral Reefs.*Require big Agriculture and Industry companies to use organic fertilizers.*Reduce litter by recycling and disposing of trash properly.

Plants*Algae - gives nutrients to fish,acts as the glue that helps the coral reef grow larger*Seagrasses - provides habitats to small fish, invertibrate animals, sea turtles, manatees.*Mangroves - the roots of mangrove trees act as a nursery for young reef fishes.

Climate*Temperatures range from 68 degrees to 97 degrees.*Warm, shallow ocean waters.

Animals*Fish, corals, lobsters, clams, seahorses, sponges, and sea turtles.*Rely on reefs for their survival*A place to hide from predators, feeding opportunities, nursery area for baby fish, and a safe place for stationary invertibrates to grow.



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