The Continental Army

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The Continental Army


July 3 1775 ~ Washington took over the military campsJuly 4 1775 ~ The congress adopted the Declaration Of Independence July 14 1775 ~ The congress created the Continental Army

Continenal Army

The Continental Army

Gorge Washington was many things, a father, a husband , but he was mostly a leader. Washington was born on Febuary 22 , 1732 , growing up on a farm, by his early teens he had mastered growing tobacco and and stock raising. In 1774 Washington joined the congress as a delegate from Virginia. The Congress offered Washington a role in the comander in cheif of the continental army in 1775. He took the position on july 3. Washington trained the men in very poor camps, but they still managed. After the Colonists' vicory, in 1783 , Gorge Washington became president.

The Leader

The Declaration Of Independence


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