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The Contest


It was a dark and stormy night in June 1816....

1994 - "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" starring Kenneth Branaugh as Dr. Frnakenstein and Robert De Niro as the Monster

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mary Godwin, aged 18, was holed up in a Swiss estate, Villa Diodati, along with her soon-to-be husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet Lord Byron, and Byron's friend, Dr. John Polidori. While telling gh0st stories by firelight, it was decided that a contest would take place, each of the participants writing a ghost story. Mary, not sure what to write, went to bed that night and had a dream....

Lord Byron

Dr. John Polidori

Radical, poet, advocate of free love, Shelley ran off with 16-year-old Mary Godwin while still married to his frist wife. Of the Contest, he dropped out quickly. Stories were not his forte...

Lord George Gordon Byron was known for his narritive poems "Don Juan" and "Childe Harold's Pilgrimmage" He, too, dropped out of the contest early on in order to go fishing.

Polidori was Lord Byron's personal physician and friend. He traveled with Byron often. He was the only other participant in the contest, besides Mary Godwin, who completed his story "The Vampyre." He is credited with inventing the genre of Vampire fiction.

Mary Godwin Shelley


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