The Constitutional Convention

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The Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention

The Virginia Plan was mostly written by James Madison. It was supported by large states and wanted a cheif executive,court system, and two-house legislature.

The New Jersey Plan ammended and improved the articles. Therefore small states liked this plan. They called for a one-house legislature

The Great Compromise was suggested by Roger Sherman. The idea was that it would have a two-house legislature and in the lower house the decision was based on population(house of representatives) but in the upper house each state would have two votes(senate).

The Three Fifths Compromise was made because of disagreements on how to count slaves. Southern states wanted to count them in their population numbers but the Northern states considered them property so they disagreed. The compromise fixed this problem by counting slaves as three-fifths of a person when dealing with taxation and representation.

The Bill of Rights was proposed by George Mason to keep the government from taking adavantage of the people. However his proposal was declined.

The Constitution was completed in September 1787. However, some delegates refused to sign without a bill of rights. 9 out of 13 states needed to aprove for the Constitution to take place. The Constitution was succesful.


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