The Constitution

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The Constitution

The Constitution

The Great Compromise

Facts of the Constitution

~ The United states Constitution is the shortest constitution in the world.~ 39 out of 55 delegates signed the document.~ The American Constitution consists of 27 amendments.~ The Constitution of the United States of America is the oldest, still used constitution in the world.

~ An agreement made by Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellisworth.~ This Plan was originally named the Connecticut Compromise.~ The idea was to have proportional representation in the lower house and equal representation in the upper house.~ The lower house eventually became the current House of Representatives.~ The upper house eventually became the current Senate.

The Virginia Plan

~ The Virginia plan wanted the amount of representatives to be based off of the amount of humans in each state.~ This idea was written by James Madison.~ It was also known as the Randolph plan~ This was a proposal created by Virginia Delegates for a bicameral legislative branch.

The New Jersey Plan

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The Judicial Branch~ The Judicial branch consists of men and woman appointed by the president and approved by the Senate.~ The branch gets to determine the shape and structure of the federal judicary.~ Judges and justices serve no term; they serve until death, retirement, or convicted by the Senate.

The Branches of Government

The Executive Branch~ This branch includes the President, Vice President, and The Cabinet.~ The President has the power to veto laws and command the armed forces.~ The Executive branch currently employs 4 million men and woman in the United States.

The Legislative Branch~ The Legislative branch consist of 2 parts: the House of Representatives and the Senate.~ This branch was established in the 1st article in the Constitution of the United States.~ The Senate includes 100 Representativess, 2 for each state.~ The House of Representatives members are elected every 2 years and must be 25 or older.

~The New Jersey Plan wanted 1 vote per state and 2 representives for each state.~ The plan provided for a single legislative house. ~ This plan was written by William Paterson.~ The New Jersey Plan was presented on June 15, 1787 at the Constitution Convention.

~ Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, and John Adams are known as the founding fathers.~ Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both in Europe at the time, so they missed the convention.~ Most of the disputes between the writers were about the compostition and election of the Senate.

The Writers

Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson

William Paterson

James Madison

John Adams

Oliver Ellisworth


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