The Connection Between Russia And Israel

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The Connection Between Russia And Israel

The Connection Between Russia and Israel

Jews in RussiaRussia used to have the largest population of Jews in the world. Today there are about 200,000-500,000 Jews that live in Russia and back in the USSR Jews got an Autonomous region in Birobidzhan. Chabad has been active in this sector, setting up synagogues and Jewish kindergartens in Russian cities with Jewish population. In addition, most Russian Jews have relatives in Israel.

SportsThere is a big connection between the Israeli and the Russian sports. Many Israeli players and sportsmen played and trained in Russia over the years and many Russian players and sportsmen did the opposite way to Israel. Here are some points of connection between the Israeli sports and the Russian sports:1. The rivalry between Maccabi Tel-Aviv from Israel and CSKA Moscow from Russia is one of the greatest rivalries of the European basketball and many historical games have been held between the teams over the years.2. The Israeli football player Bibras Natcho is playing for the football club of CSKA Moscow.3. The Israeli basketball coach David Blatt coached the Russian national basketball team and won the European Championship and a bronze Olympic medal with them.4. In the Israeli basketball, there is a "Russian Law" that says that every moment of the game there must be at least 2 Israeli players on the court. This law was invented in Russia.

MusicThere are many Russian songs translated into Hebrew like "Chunga Changa" , "Cheburashka" and others.In Russia and Israel, there are many singers, composers, etc. Here is a short list of them:Israeli singers Ofra Haza (November 19, 1957, Tel Aviv-23 February 2000) was a very popular Israeli singer and actress. Ahinoam Nini (June 23, 1969) Noah is the stage name of an Israeli singer Ahinoam Nini. Noah is the author of most of her songs; she plays on drums, guitar and piano. Sarit Hadad (September 20, 1978) is a very popular Israeli singer. Dana International (February 2, 1972, Tel Aviv) is a popular Israeli singer; in 1998 she won the Eurovision song contest with her song "Diva".Russian-Jewish singersIosif Kobzon (11 September 1937, Ukraine) – USSR`s and Russian Jewish singer.Leonid Utesov (Laisar Vicebein; 21 March 1895-9 March 1982) – USSR`s Jewish artist, actor and singer.Mikhail Shufutinsky (13 April 1948, Moscow) – Russian Jewish singer and composer.

Science and EducationOver the years many great scientists (like Jacob Bekenstein, Dmitry Mendeleev, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and others) from Israel and Russia have become famous all over the world and invented very important things. Also, between Russia and Israel there is cooperation in science and here are some scientific collaboration agreements between the countries: In 2011, Israel and Russia signed the Space Co-operation Agreement. The framework agreement is meant to develop joint research programs and other collaborations in areas like astrophysical and planetary research, space biology and medicine, navigational satellites and launching services and technology. Nuclear technology- In 2013, the Israeli and Russian government signed agreements to collaborate on nuclear imaging and the development of radioactive materials for dental treatments. Although the agreement is limited to medical treatments, it could form the basis for wider collaboration for ventures between the two countries in nuclear technology.Technology incubators- In the field of technology incubators, collaborative projects are being established between the two states. Rusnano, the Russian government's vehicle for investments in nanotechnology, has established a branch in Israel, with the aim of setting up a fund for investment in Israeli nanotechnology ventures. Similarly, Russia's Skolkovo innovation center has established a branch in Israel, the Israel-Skolkovo Gateway/Center (IsraelSK), which involves raising private capital and government grants leveraging for Israeli and Russian start-up companies.

BusinessRussia is Israel's largest supplier of crude oil (alongside Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan). Israel plans to enter a free-trade agreement with Russia. The Customs Union, bringing together Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, and Israel have launched an exploratory committee to study the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone, the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The Russian Immigration to IsraelOver the years, many Russian Jews have immigrated to Israel and today there is a big amount of Russian people living in Israel. Their immigration has been called "Aliyah" and there have been many immigration waves- "Aliyot". 1970s Soviet Union Aliyah-it was a mass emigration of Soviet Union Jews during the 1970s to Israel. This was because of the difficulty of life as a Jew in the Soviet Union. In 1968, 231 Jews were granted exit visas to Israel, and 3,033 followed in 1969. From that point on, the USSR began granting exit visas in growing numbers. During the late 1960s and the 1970s, about 163,000 Soviet Jews immigrated to Israel; the majority of the emigration occurred between 1969 and 1973.1990s Post-Soviet aliyahThe 1990s Post-Soviet aliyah began en masse in the 1990s when the government of Mikhail Gorbachev opened the borders of the USSR and allowed Jews to leave the country for Israel. Between 1989 and 2006, about 1.6 million Soviet Jews or family, as defined by the Law of Return, emigrated from former Soviet Union. About 979,000, or 61%, migrated to Israel.

Israel Russia RelationsIsrael and Russia have a strong relation that started with the USSR and continued with modern day Russia. Both countries have an embassy in Moscow and Tel Aviv and a consulate in Haifa and Yekaterinburg. Israel has a lot of Russian speaking citizens and in 2011, Putin said: "Israel is, in fact, a special state to us. It is practically a Russian-speaking country. Israel is one of the few foreign countries that can be called Russian-speaking. It's apparent that more than half of the population speaks Russian". Both countries collaborate in agriculture, science, military and energy related matters.

LiteratureThere are a lot of Israeli writers that came from Russian Empire territories. Shmuel Yosef Agnon (his works were published under the name "S. Y. Agnon"), a very famous Israeli writer came from Ukraine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966 "for his profound original narrative art, inspired by Jewish folk motifs". There are many Russian writers who are also famous in Israel, such as Pushkin, Lermontov,Dostoyevski,Cheahov and Mayakovski.

CultureRussian cultureRussian citizens believe in different religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism . Russians have distinctive traditions of folk music. Typical ethnic Russian musical instruments are Gusli, Balalaika, Zhaleika, Bayan,Accordion, Gypsy guitar and Garmoshka. There are icon realistic painting and avant-garde paintings.Israeli cultureIn Israel,most of the citizens are Jewish but there are also Christians, Muslims and worshippers of other religions. Israel's traditional dishes are hummus and falafel. The Jews in Israel are divided into several groups such as secular, traditional, religious and ultra-Orthodox.

TradeIsrael and Russia maintain good trade relations, and there has been an increase in the volume of trade between the two countries in recent years. The main export sectors from Israel to Russia are herbal products, chemicals, machinery and electrical equipment, plastic and rubber, food, beverages, tobacco, optical and base metals. The main export sectors from Russia to Israel are diamonds and precious stones, base metals, mineral products, chemicals, machinery and electrical equipment, wood, coal, cork, food, beverages and tobacco.

Traveling (no visa required)Every year ,many Russian tourists come to visit and stay in Israel and many Israeli tourists come to visit Russia. Every day ,some commercial flights fly from Israel to Russia and at least one commercial flight flies from Russia to Israel every day. Russian tourists usually visit famous places in Israel like Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Eilat, The Dead Sea and others. Israeli tourists usually visit Moscow, St. Petersburg , The Golden Ring and others.

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