The Connecticut Colony

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The Connecticut Colony

The Connecticut Colony replaced the area of the Massachusetts Colony, and was founded by Thomas Hooker and a group of Massachusetts colonists. And the colony is most densely populated. The Connecticut colony was called "the land of long tidal rivers" by the native Americans there. The land is also nicknamed as the " Nutmeg State" the "Constitution State" or "the land of steady habits". Since the world enjoys nature (in the Geogrphy statement), they should visit the unique piece of rives (so many rivers).

The Connecticut Colony

The colony had a long maritime history, but the colony had no direct access to the sea. This colony had very temperate climates with mild winters and warm summers. The Connecticut colony has a touch of urban life and has rusitic landscape. Many rivers have formed in years before the Connecticut colony moved in. This is why the have lots of interactions with the water nearby (not mentioning the sea ofr any gigantic body of water). At the Long Beach Sound, many of the rivers there have eroded and turned the rivers into beautiful valleys.


The Connecticut Colony did not allow any act of slavery to be seen.

Colonial Connecticut was a beautiful and peaceful place and is still today. Many migrants from England traveled here to live in freedom and peace-- which is againdst the unfairness in England. The life of a peaceful-hungered person is probably wanting to go the colonial Connecticut state.

Since the England ruler created unffair rules, and pushed the people of England to follow a certain religion. But the Connecticut colony wouldn't let THAT happen for goodness sake! They then created the Puritan religion, based on making the world filled with knowledge.

The main products of colonial Connecticut (foods, etc.). The Connecticut colony produced tobacco, corn, cucumbers, grain, wheat, meat (duck,turkey,fish fillets from rivers, deer, rabbits and etc.), cornbread, cornmeal, and bread. But usually, there are more. Therefore, many products came from the Connecticut colony.


The Connecticut colony is nicknamed the "Constutional State" beacause it is served as the Fundemental Orders of Connecticut. Connecticut also hlped create the Great Compromise. The Compromise helped decide which representatives would be allowed to be elected to congress.


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