The Confession

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The Confession

The Confession

Holt is a lawyer who prosecutes guilty criminals. He has a secret, though. When he was a high school upperclassman, he was drunk driving with his drunk best friend, Calico. When Calico's car skidded off the road, it left Calico dead and Holt with minor injuries. When authorities question him as to what happened, he tells them that Calico was driving the car. Now, to make himself feel better about Calico's death, he prosecutes criminals guilty of similar crimes such as the vehicular homicide that he committed in high school. He just doesn't want his secret to spread.

By Robert Whitlow


The Story

Holt is involved in a court case involving domestic violence when the story begins. He wins the case, but only because the other party made a very unfortunate mistake when decidng to plead guilty or not. This is one example of the many cases he will encounter in the future. The story involves the friendship between Holt, his dog, and a priest. Throughout the story, the reader will discrover how Holt becomes a Christian, captivating moments concerning his dog's encounter with a poisonous snake, a falling out with Holt and his loved ones and friends, and, most importantly, his involment with the Meredith case.

About the Author

The End

Robert Whitlow is a best-selling book author and film-maker. He is a Christian and writes semi-Christian novels and stories. His books are written for Christians and non-Christians. His storys almost always are focused on legal novels.

After being fired from his job because his friend spreads his secret, Holt discovers the answer to the Meredith case. However, the answer completely surprises him and is not at all what he expected. The people involved in the murder in the Merideth case have a very good reason for killing the grandfather, including the grandfather's domestic violence. Holt understands that they killed the grandfather mostly out of self defence and does not tell anyone about what has happened. Because of this act of kindness performed by Holt, the people involved in the murder, because they are very rich, are able to bribe the bosses where Holt used to work to allow him to reassume his old position as a lawyer.


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