The Confession of Augustine

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The Confession of Augustine

Awear of Augustine's prospects, his parents has decided to let him to study more in college. But in the city of Carthage, Augustine has been infected by the debauched lifestyle and following the Manichaeans heresy which is contrary to the Catholic faith. His mother were very sad and she constantly pray for her son.

After dig himself to a cesspool of lust and heresy, Jesus has come and knock on his heart's door to be enlightened. Within a Bible sentence: "Do not live up to sex and sexual pleasure anymore, but put on thee the Lord Jesus Christ" has made his life completely diverted.

Confession autobiographical work, consisting of 13 books, by St. Augustine of Hippo, written in Latin between AD 397 and AD 398.

Confession St.Aug

Except for his mom, Saint Bishop Ambrose is the one whom convince Augustine to come back to the faith by his eloquence.

Saint Augustine's childhood seemed to be happy in the home, and less happy at school. Later on in the age of teenager, Augustine started to loose himself in lustiness.

St.Augustine and his mother St.Monica

Eventually, at the age 33, he return to the Chruch and baptized. He become a priest at 36 and become bishop at age 41


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