The Complete History Of Human Expression (Abridged)

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The Complete History Of Human Expression (Abridged)

Niecephore Niepce takes first, blurriest photographaph.

The Complete History of Human Expression (abridged)

Also known as "Hum-Ex" (#humex #notacoffeemakingthing)

Time Line

150,000 BCE.

Noam Chomsky was birthed from a plastic sheathe and sworn to serve Saruman using only his Language Acquisition Device (LAD) and his flashy glasses and wit.

There are walls within the Chauvet Cave that contain paintings that were created 2000 years apart.

The word "listicle" is a portmanteau of the words "list" and "article."Portmanteau is a portmanteau of the words "port-words-together" and "man-I-can't-believe-I-stubbed-my-teau."

Niepce and Daguerre invented the technology for the Daguerrotype together. Daguerre died before it could be completed.

Niepce's son received a stipend for life for co-selling the patent for the technology to the French government.

Language, linguists think, is exactly the same age as human beings. Being human in some ways is defined by language use. Also, haircuts.

25-23,000 BCE

Weird pinky guy paints Chauvet Cave




Big Trouble in Little China perfects cinema.

Buzzfeed's "13 foods that aren't actually mexican" revolutionizes listicle.

Language Invented


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