The Common Cold

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The Common Cold

The human being is the host for the common cold.

Source of InfectionPerson to person contact or inanimate objects. People in close proximity, such as children in a daycare or school, acquire the disease easier.

Team Barton

The Common Cold

AgentsRhinovirus, parainfluenza respiratory syncytial birus, coronavirus, and adenovirus are the most common viral infectious agents.

We have all experienced it - the common cold. It all begins with a sore scratchy throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, and body aches. Children may even get a fever from it. The cold is an acute and self-limited illness that requires losts of rest and antipyretics.


Portals of EntryNasal mucosaConjunctival surfacesRespiratory tractGerms get in when you rub your eyes or nose with dirty fingers.

5 days incubation after initial contact.First 3 days symptoms appear, it is highly contagious


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