The Coming of War

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The Coming of War

Britian was still fighting for land in the West. The Native Americans were also battling for land. The American settlers were not welcome to the Natives, who had not agreed to the Treaty of Greenville. The British in Canada attempted to slow westward growth by arming the Native Americans.

Tecumseh Resists US SettlersTehcumseh was a Shawnee chief. He was very angry with teh Americans for tresspassing on their land. He seemed very capable and very willing to stop them. He decided that he must unite the Indidans to defeat teh white men.

Declaring War

The OppositionThe New England Federalists were much opposed to war. They were hit hard by the loss of trade between the countries, and they didn't want to make it any worse. Others thought America was not yet ready for war with Britian. The country was still very young and hand little militiary supplies.

The Coming of War

The US was having issues with their cargo ships. All sorts of people were attacking, pirates and other countries alike. The USS Consitution, a large warship, was able to stop most of the pirates, however it couldn't stop the attacks from British and French ships. The two countries were at war and were competing for supplies from the US ships, including soldiers. The Americans were shocked by the impressment, or their act of forcing them to serve in the nacy or army.

The War HawksThe War Hawks are several members of Congress who were very adamant about war with Britian. They were led by Henry Clay, JohnC. Calhoun, and Felix Grundy. They saw war as the only answer to the trade issues. They gave very persuasive, emotional speeches to rally the American people.

Responding to this, the Americans suggested an embargo, or the banning of trade, with Britian. Jefferson agreed with the idea and passed the Embargo Act which banned essentially all trade with foreign countries. This had a horrible affect on American merchants. This also had a devastating affect on Jefferson's reputation. It also made almost no empact on France or Britian. In 1809, Congress passed the Non-Intercourse Act, which banned trade only with Britian and France.

The Embargo Act

The Conflict over Land

The Battle of TippecanoeWilliam Henry Harrison was very concerned that Tehcumseh was being supplied by thea British, which would be a serious threat. In 1810, Tehcumseh met with Harrison where the white man told him to follow the Treaty of Greenville. He refused. While Tecumseh was out, Harrison attacked. The Americans won the Battle of Tippecanoe.


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President James Madison found himself having to deal with Jefferson's war. He was feeling pressure from all sides of the arguement, and had Congress vote on it. They voted for war for the first time in the nation's history. For the War of 1812, Madison was to lead the nation in battle.

The War of 1812

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