The combination of Football, Volleyball and Kung-fu

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The combination of Football, Volleyball and Kung-fu

The sport that will  surprise you,   SEPAK TAKRAW

The combination of Football, Volleyball and Kung-fu

HISTORY The name is a marriage of the Malay word “Sepak” (literally meaning “kick” or “smash”) and the Thai word “Takraw” (the original rattan ball used in the sport). In 1800 aproximatly it began to take form in Tailandia the Sepak Takraw.Today, it's popular in countries like Tailandia, Camboya and Malasia, but not really knowed in the other continents.

HOW TO PLAY? There are 2 teams, of 3 players each team. The court is a rectangle of 13.4x6.1 metres, divided in two by a central net. The game is divides in two sets of 21 points each one.the players can hit the ball with any part of their bodies, except arms and hands

The ball is made of a special plastic that don't hurt the players

FACTS -It's considered like an asiatic Olympic game since 1990-The actual rules of the game were accepted in 1996-There are possibilities of changing the ball material, to get a better bounce of the ball

A part from a Sepak Takraw match


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