The Colosseum

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The Colosseum

Fast Facts ...constructed from 72 AD to 80 AD in the Roman Empire. The colosseum was incredibly advanced for its time. ... the name Colosseum was a colloquial form. The official name was Amphytheatrum Flavii (the amphitheater of the Flavian family - Vespasian and son Titus)


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Inside the Colosseum

What remains today of the ancient stadium - the Coloseum represents a masterpiece of human creative genius!

The structure is complex with many levels

Gladiator, staring Russell Crowe captivated popular imgination.

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A rare and famous coin. The Colosseum aureus, minted by Severus Alexander. Titus, the emperor who inaugurated this building, minted a coin with this masterpiece of ancient architecture.


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