The Colosseum of Rome

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The Colosseum of Rome

The Colosseum of RomeBy Tanner H 787

Features-4 floors of ramped seating for 50 000 spectators-80 entrances-Arcades on the 1st 3 levels

Dimensions-160 Feet high (4 stories)-620 Feet Long (1/3 miles)-510 Feet Wide-Covers 6 Acres

Columns-Doric columns (1st floor)-Lonic columns (2nd floor)- Corinthian columns (3r floor)-Corinthian pilasters (4th floor)

Construction-Started in 72 AD -Finished in 81 ADBuilt By-Vespasian-Titus (Son)

Destruction-It was partly destroyed by an eathquake but not completely

Influence-I did not find an influence but it was like the old version of a skydome

Interesting Facts-One of the most populare Roman tourist attractions today-It took 60 000 Jewish slaves to build-It was used for entertainment purposes for 390 years

Purpose-Entertainment-Cost 400 000 people their lives aswell as 1 000 000animals

Seating1st floor is for the emperor/family, court2nd floor is for the Artistocrats3rd floor is for the Women4th floor is for the Common People


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