The Color of Water

by JamesonBergstedt
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The Color of Water

"They don’t have a dime in their pocket and they’re always laughing.” But he had plenty money and we were all miserable. This quote captures the essence of Ruth's childhood. A miserable home life in which she longed to escape desperately .

He fled Virginia around 1927 or so, with Jim Crow hot on his tail. P 120 This excerpt shows the struggle of growing up being an african american. James and his family suffered from the racist society they occupied.

Mommy has changed, changed from the time she adopted Christianity back in the 1940s. Whats different is that she can face the past now. P 270This quote explains how Ruth's character developed throughout the story. She began as a rebelious child; resentful toward her childhood and grew to become a loving woman who accepted and embraced her past

We had no family life. That store was our life. P. 41 This quote explains what Ruth's home life and childhood was like. Very rough, and with a strong lack of love and attention.

Mommy staggered about in an emotional stupor for nearly a year. But while she weebled and wobbled and leaned, she did not fall! P. 163 This quote shows how Ruth held strong even during the troubling times such as losing her husband.

I was obviously hiding, and angry as well, but I would never admit that to myself P.140 This quote shows how many of the characters hide their emotions and feelings from one nother. There is a serious lack of communication throught the family.

If there was one thing Tateh didn’t like more than gentiles, it was black folks. P.107This quote can provide evidence as to why Ruth married a black man. She felt the need to rebel against her father for such a poor childhood.

Mommy loved God. She went to church each and every Sunday, the only white person in sight. P.45 This quote explains the personality of Ruth. Her relationship with God was her escape from the struggles of life and is found in various sections of the story woven inbetween the theme.

When I asked her if she was white, she’d say “No, I’m light skinned,” and change the subject again. P. 21This quote shows how although Ruth Mcbride was a strong woman, she still hid and ran from some aspects of her life.

Mommy’s contradictions crashed and slammed against one nother like bumber cars at coney island P.29This quote emphasizes how James Mcbride grew up in a life of confusion always trying to find answers which was difficult when he was surrounded by contradiction.



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