The Colony of Maryland

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The Colony of Maryland

Cecilius CavertHe was born on August 8, 1605 in Kent England to George Calvert, the first baltimore.Calvert received a Charter from Charles I of England for the new colony of Maryland, to be named for the Queen Consort Henrietta Maria (wife of King Charles). Celcius Cavert found Maryland for two reasons: making money safe place for the Catholics to practice their religionsHe died on Nov 30, 1675, and he never get to see the place he created for the Catholics.

The Colony of Maryland

Maryland Maryland was founded in 1633 by lord Baltimore and by 1775 maryland was governed as a proprietary colony King Charles I of England specified a name for the new colony. It was to be called Maryland to honor King Charles’ wife Queen Henrietta Maria

A map of theColony of Maryland

How Did the Colonists make their livings?The colonists in the Maryland colony is just like the ones in the other colonies. They have jobs to do such as lumbering, shipping, fishing, and raising cattle for beef and milk. But the most important job is farming. They raise rice, indigo, beans, squash, corn, known as the three sisters and tobacco plants. They also trade. They traded the things they farmed and sometimes slaves if they brought them. Tobacco is the thing that they most commonly trade, people that grow tobacco on large plantations are rich because sometimes they even use tobacco as money. Trading is where all the money they made came from, though.

Fast Fact Maryland was originally founded as a haven for those who were Catholic. However, the land prices were so cheap that Protestants also flocked to Maryland which caused much division with the colonists.

Fun FactsYou might think that Maryland colony is boring, but it have really fun facts as well. Cecillius Calvert, founder of the Maryland Colony's first name was sometimes spelled Cæcilius, or Caecilius. Alot of people don’t know that kids in the Maryland colony are allowed to drink beer, and that the name Maryland is named after Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I. Also, since tobacco leaves are the most popular thing in the Maryland colony, people in the Maryland colony use tobacco leaves as money to buy things( it’s kind of like trading). The founder of Maryland is Cecil Calvert who is a Catholic, the colony’s nickname is “heaven for the Catholics” When Cecil’s dad give Cecil the land to rule, it has 9,844 square miles of land, including the Chesapeake Bay which is America’s largest estuary, but of course, people from long ago don’t use miles to count the distance.

ClimateThe Colony Of Maryland had hot and humid summers gave rise to the spread of disease. The warm climate made it possible to grow crops throughout the year and was ideally suited for plantations

We the PeopleThe people who moved to the Colony of Maryland were not all Catholics. There were many indentured servants, and sometimes slaves.Some slaves are traded for other thing while most, work in small farms.Some people, that have no where to go, also came to the colony to try to have a better life. But mostly, the people that lived there are the Catholics who get to vote when the other don't.


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