The Cold War and the Middle East

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The Cold War and the Middle East

Arab states were supported by the Soviet Union. 1952 Gamal Nasser took power in Egypt. 1956 Nesser took control of The Suez Canal from Britian and FranceOctober 1956 France Britian and Israel attacket suez Canal area.USA was unhappy forced britian and France to pull out.

War and peace

WW1 - Part of Turkish EmpireThen - Controlled by BritianWW2 - United Nations set up a Jewish State “ISRAEL” 1948 - Britian forces left. So jewish declared Palestine as their propertyIsrael was attaked by Arabs States. EGYPT, JORDAN, SYRIA, LEBANON, IRAQ1949 - Israel won, and become pro-American and Soviet Union was against them

1967/ 1973: Wars between Arab States and Israel. Israel won both wars and gain control of inhabited lands of Palestine.After 1973: USA was much more sucessful than USSR.New Egyptian Leader Anwar Sadat, established a good relationship with USA. 1979: Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty 1980s: Americans tried to bring Jewish Isaraelis and Arab Palestines together1993: Palestine leader Yasser Arafat signed a peace treaty with Isreali Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Israel and the superpowers

Jewish and Arab people want the control of the area of the Middle East “PALESTINE”. Palestine

The Cold War and The Middle East




Was a small coutry but with American help, they had defeated their hostile neighbours

Suez Canal 1956


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