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The Clock


If we did not have the clock, then we would not know the time. We won't know when is the right time to go to school.

Time Line

4000 B.C

Astronomical ClocksAstronomical clocks are clocks that are used to find the reletive positions of the sun, moon, constilations, and sometimes major planets. Astronomical clocks were invented in 1088. The astronomical clock was invented by an inventor named Yi Xing.

A pendulum clock is a clock that uses a pendulum, a swinging weight as its timekeeping element. It was invented by Christiaan Huygens. Huygens gave the plans to Salomon Coster, who acually built the clock. Pendulum clocks are now used for their decorative and antique value.

Electric ClockThe electric clock is a clock powered by electricity. It was invented by Alexander Baine in 1840.The were not widely manufactured until 1890, when electric power became avalible .

Water ClocksThe water clock was invented in 4000 B.C. Water clocks are possibly the oldest time measuring machines. Where they were invented is not known. Water clocks are stone vessels with sloping sides that allowed to drip at a constant rate from a hole in the bottom. Water clocks are pretty cool.





This timeline is about clocks. There are lots of different types of clocks. The ones shown here are the water clocks, astronomical clocks, pendulum clocks, electric clocks, and digital clocks. The timeline has clocks from 4000 B.C to 1956.All modern technology dependes on clocks.


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