The Civil War

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The Civil War

Reconstruction,Black Codes,and the Jim Crow Laws

Time Line


Reconstruction begins.

Successes of the ReconstructionOne of the sucesses of the Reconstruction was the fact that the Union was reunited. The main purpose of Reconstruction was to rejoin the Union, and they succeeded. Another success of the Reconstruction was the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. These amendments abolished slavery, declared that everyone born or naturalized in the US was a citizen, and gave all men, regardless of race, to vote.

Failures of the ReconstructionThe main failures of the Reconstruction was the Black codes and Jim Crow laws. They counteracted the new Reconstruction Amendments. The Black Codes and Jim Crow laws restricted the African Americans rights and made it difficult for them to vote. These were the biggest failures of the Reconstruction period.

99 years after the end of the Civil War, the Civil Rights act was passed. The Jim Crow laws were officially ended; racial segregation was stopped, once and for all.

The Jim Crow laws were laws in the South that, like the Black Codes, restricted the African Americans rights. They only affected Black people or White people. Here is an example of a Jim Crow law in Florida: The schools for white children and the schools for black children shall be conducted separately. Another example of the Jim Crow laws in Georgia: The officer in charge shall not bury any colored persons upon the ground set apart for the burial of white persons.These two examples show how the Jim Crow laws enforced segregation between races.

The Black Codes were laws that tried to reverse the 13th, 14th, and 15th ammendments. They gave Black people more freedom than they had had before the Civil War, but they still were not much more than slaves. The Black Codes restricted their freedom and ensured that they would still be available as workers for the white people. In some states, they even banned Black people!


The Black Codes are passed. African Americans no longer have as many rights due to these laws.


Reconstruction ends.



The Jim Crow laws are enacted in the South. The Jim Crow laws were not as harsh as the Black codes, but they still tried to take away many of the African Americans rights.

The Civil Rights act is passed. This act put an end to the Jim Crow laws.

This is a poll tax reciept. Poll taxes tried to prevent the Black people from voting. The poll taxes were one of the biggest failures of the Reconstruction.

This picture shows a few different examples of the Black Codes.

The states in red are the ones that have Jim Crow laws. This map shows how many Jim Crow laws were in each of the Southern States.

This photo shows the destruction in the South.

Above is a video on the Rise and Fall of Jim Crow.

This is a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. shaking hands with the US President, Lyndon B. Johnson, after he signs the Civil Rights bill.

The Reconstruction was a time period focused on bringing the Union back together. During the Civil War, most of the South was destroyed. Another thing the Reconstruction accomplished was how it helped repair the destruction in the South.

Above is a video that really illustrates how the South surely felt about the Civil War.

This is a great video on the Reconstruction.

This is a great video on the Black Codes.

This is an wonderful, educational video on the Black Codes.

This map shows the Confederate States and the years that they were readmitted.


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