The Civil War

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The Civil War

Gettysburg Address:November 19, 1863A speech from Abraham Lincoln in which it was argued that the Civil War was a test for democracy, and that the outcome of this war would determine the fate of the representative government, not just for the United States, but for the entire world. Emancipation Proclamation:January 1, 1863Announced by Abraham Lincoln, it was a presidential announcement that supposedly freed states in the Confederacy. At first, it didn’t free all of the slaves because Lincoln didn’t want to anger the Border States and force them into secession. In all, this linked emancipation with the restoration with the Union.Major Battles:Bull Run (July 1, 1861) - This battle took place in Virginia, and it was the first battle in the Civil War. The Union lost this battle, were shocked, and then prepared more vigorously for the battles to come. The South believed that this showed that the Union (North) had no will to fight, and that it would be a war that would end quickly. Gettysburg (1863)- )- This battle took place in Pennsylvania. The battle lasted 3 days and more than 50,000 people died. This was a great victory for the North, and a catastrophe for the South. Vicksburg(1863)- This battle took place in Virginia. The Union won, and gained control of the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy in half.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin, written by Harriet B. Stowe, was published in 1852. This novel was anti-slavery and helped lay the groundwork for the civil war.

What Caused the Civil War?Slavery, trade, state rights, ' tariffs (taxes). How Many People Died?Between 640,000 ' 700,000 people.Who Fought During the Civil War?The Union- The north who did not support slavery.The Confederacy- The South/slave states. Who Won?The Union, or the Northern States.

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Abraham Lincoln- 16th president of the United States of America. During the Civil War, he orderd a naval blockade of the South. He also delivered the Gettysburg Address.Ulysses S. Grant- Top Union general. Most notable battle was Vicksburg.George Mclellan- Union officer who was fired for criticizing Lincoln’s publicity and failing to battle Lee’s forces. Robert E. Lee- Confederate officer who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia. He was offered to be an officer for the Union, but declined.


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