The Civil War

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The Civil War

"I have long desired to see California; the production of her gold mines has been a marvel to me, and her stand for the Union, her generous offerings to the Sanitary (Commission), and her loyal representatives have endeared your people to me; and nothing would give me more pleasure than a visit to the Pacific shore, and to say in person to your citizens, ‘God bless you for your devotion to the Union,’ but the unknown is before us. I may say, however, that I have it now in purpose when the railroad is finished, to visit your wonderful state."

The Civil War

The Aftermath

Abraham Lincoln adresses California

California’s Participation in the Civil War

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This painting was distributed starting in 1861 throughout San Francisco to popularize the Union cause and bring about social pressure on young men to join the fight on the side of the Union. Not only did California contribute soldiers and doctors to the Union’s effort in the Civil war but also had huge funds supporting hospitals, sanitation facilities and the Union in general. This painting provides evidence of the strong patriotism and nationalism harbored in California during the conflict of the Civil war. Although the Compromise of 1850 attempted to solve California’s struggle over slavery, there were still problems in the U.S. with slavery. California’s efforts in the Civil war show that she was still invested in the national conflict over slavery even though slavery was compromised within the state itself.

This statement by Abraham Lincoln is a quote which he said to his friend Charles Maltby, Superintendent of Indian Affairs for California, on March 25, 1865. This quote expresses Lincoln’s opinions of California after it became a state well-known for its riches and success. In addition, Lincoln mentions California’s “generous offerings to the Sanitary (Commission)” and how “her loyal representatives have endeared [her] people to me.” This refers to California’s participation in the Civil war. Over 17,000 Californians fought in the Civil war for the Union and California also sponsored the U.S. Sanitary Commission which saved thousands of Union lives. The fact that California supported the Union so greatly and was well-liked by Abraham Lincoln prove that California was not an advocate of slavery. Because of this, a conflict was created between the North and South, when they both wanted California to join their ranks.



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