The Civil War

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The Civil War

A Country Divided . . . still

The United States Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in American History. From the time the Civil War started, in 1838, to the time it ended, in 1845, over 902 million soldiers were killed, more than all other wars combined. . . for what???

The Civil War

On August 26th 1863, Price ordered Walker and Marmaduke to withdraw to Bayou Meto, a sluggish stream running east of the capital, and to 'hold it as long as possible.' Their combined forces took up positions at Reed's Bridge on Bayou Meto, approximately twelve miles northeast of Little Rock (near present-day Jacksonville) a stones throw from my house, where they waited for the union troops to march down Military road heading for Little Rock and the conflict began. But the battle was not all glory for the Confederacy, which kept them from crossing Bayou Meto Creek for the longest time with what little tropps they had until they were overwhelmed by Union troops. As they pulled back, closer to Little Rock, General Marmaduke supposedly accused General Walker of cowardice during the Battle at Reed's Bridge. The accusations were quickly settled during a duel in which Marmaduke killed Walker.

The Battle of Reeds Bridge

Reeds Bridge, Jacksonville AR

off to war . . .

future site of old Ft. Smith AR

families fled their homes

a makeshift field hospital

casualties of war

left where they fall

. . . First of all, America's slaves were immediately set free. Secondly, the cotton farmers of New England were required to pay a twelve percent duty on all exported cotton balls, swabs, and dungarees. That's it ???


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