[2015] Jasmin Rocha (EDEL 420 Spring 2015): The Civil Rights Movement

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[2015] Jasmin Rocha (EDEL 420 Spring 2015): The Civil Rights Movement


In 1979, the NAACP awarded Rosa Parks the Spingarn Medal, their highest honor.In 1980, the NAACP awarded Rosa Parks the Martin Luther King Jr. Award.In 1983, Rosa Parks was inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.In 1990, Rosa Parks had the honor of being part of the welcoming party for Nelson Mandela, who had been recently imprisoned in South Africa.In September of 1992, Rosa Parks was awarded the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience award for her years of community service and lifelong commitment to social change through non-violent means and civil rights.

Lasting Impact

Rosa Parks was able to outlive many of her contemporaries and to witness first hand the effects of the Civil Rights Movement. In the four decades after refusing to give up her seat, she saw an end to legalized segregation in America and the emergence of a Black upper and middle class. People of color now enjoy unparalleled access to business and education opportunities.


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Leilani's Personal Experience

1954 - Brown Vs. Board of Education1955 - Montgomery Bus Boycott1963 - March on Washington D.C.1964 - Nobel Peace Prize1964 - The Civil Rights Act1965 - Voting Rights Act

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. When her parents divorced, she moved to Montgomery where she had to deal with segregation and laws she did not agree with. Rosa was affected greatly by segregation as a child; she despised being separated in everyday life. Although Rosa had to live with these rules and segregation as she grew, she managed to develop a sense of equality among the races. In fact, her mother stated about Rosa's beliefs, "...People should be judged by the respect that they have for themselves and others." As an adult, Rosa married a barber, Raymond Parks. Rosa Parks was very active in the NAACP and the Montgomery Voters League. By her mid-life, Rosa became even more involved in the pursuit of racial justice. She participated in boycotts against various facilities endorsing segregation.

The Civil Rights Movement By Jasmin Rocha


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