The City Of Angels

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The City Of Angels

This is one of the best zoos in the country. There, you can go on a tour a long the park to see differents animals in the natural habitat. Also, you can have a picnic or eat in the restaurant. Don't miss the chance to take a boat trip on Valsequillo Lake or take a horse-and-carriage ride. If you like extreme sports you can go zip-lining. It is exciting and a great chance to enjoy a fantastic view. Even, you can go walking througt many differents paths. Africam Safari is a conservation park of wildlife.


Lidia Marisol Pérez Torres.

The City of Angels!

Africam Safari


The city centre is a beautiful place with a lot of activities to do. There you can go walking and visiting the beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral and the lots of wonderful churches. Also, you can try the delicious typical food in one many restaurants or have a coffee or a soda in a cafeteria In the evening you can see a show of clowns at the Zocalo.

Cuetzalan is a magic town in the state of Puebla. Here, you can have a picnic in the forest anda enjoy nature. Also, you can try typical food and candies. Is you like to go shopping. You can buy typical clothes and crafts that people from the place produce. You can take a walk through the caves and explore them. At night, you can enjoy differents shows about traditions in the theater of the town.

Flor del Bosque Park

The City Centre

It's a huge ecological park. Here, there is a huge aviary where you can take great photographs of exotic birds. Also, you can practice extreme sports and have losts of fun.The park is big and beautiful and you can have a picnic or visit an exhibition of enviromental projects. It's a great place to enjoy nature.


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