The Circulatory & Respitory System

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Human Anatomy

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The Circulatory & Respitory System

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In the Respiritory System, the main goal is to circulate gases. The Respiritory System (In question) is only found in Mammels!

The Respitory System!The Respitory System brings in the surrounding air and releases Cardon Dioxide back into the air.

The Circulatory & Respitory System!

In the diagram below, the red and blue lines depict your most important viens called arteries. These arteries carry the most blood than any other vessel in the human body. They are so important that if they have a slash of about an inch, you can faint or even die from blood loss.

This, as you may probably tell, is the heart. The heart is a powerful muscle in the center of your trunk. The job of the heart is to circulate a liquid called blood. Blood(Within the red vien) contains all of the vitamins and nutrients your body required to sustain itself.

Full Diagram of theCirculatory System!

Daniels & Joshuas Science Project!

Life-Like Drawing of the Circulatory System

This is a very detailed video of the Circulatory System!Credits to:bozemanbiology



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