The Circuit

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 The Circuit

Author: Francisco Jiménez

Title: The Circuit

Genre: Non-Fiction, HistoryBook level: Young Adult

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A Non-Fiction Book Report

"When she saw the ten-foot white canvas trailing behind her, she burst out laughing. "This is the prettiest wedding dress I have ever seen,"

"He introduced me to my teacher, Miss Scalapino, who smiled, repeating my name, Francisco. It was the only word I understood the whole time she and the principal talked."

Setting: Starts out in El Rancho Blanco, a small village several miles north of Guadalajara, Mexico. They then go all over California.

Protagonist: Francisco, a.k.a. PanchitoPoint of View: First Person

Roberto: is Francisco's older brother. He is a good brother to him. When Francisco made a mistake and his parents got mad at him, Roberto was there. He always does his best to help support his family. Roberto is also the oldest son. Mr. Lema: Is a sixth-grade teacher of Francisco's. He understands if Francisco can't do something in school. He even offered to help Francisco with his work. Mr. Lema was going to teach him how to play the trumpet.

Theme: The author wanted to educate his readers about taking things for granted and fighting to survive. Francisco didn’t stay in one place for long, so he couldn’t stay in the same school to receive an education. Hs parents were always moving around, trying to find work to survive. The author also wanted to show the world what life was like, fighting to earn money to live, making the best out of what they got.

Conflict: Francisco is a migrant boy from Mexico. He moves all over California with his family to try and make a living. Francisco just wants an education and a place to call home. To live in a year-round house, Francisco’s family has to find year round work. When the house comes, so will an education.

Resolution: In the end, Francisco is able to move to a year-round house. Even though it is very old, it is theirs. He is also able to continue his education.

Climax: Francisco is always moving around to find work. Depending on the season, his family is picking cotton, grapes, or strawberries. He has come across good people like Mr. Lema who understands his passion for learning. But he also finds trouble. For example, someone gave the gasoline instead of kerosene and it burned their house down.


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