The Circle of 99 literature club 2TheCircleof99 Jorge Bucay

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The Circle of 99 literature club 2TheCircleof99 Jorge Bucay

There was once a sad king who wondered why his poor servant was always smiling and his whole life was calm and happy. So much was his wonder that he talked to his wise advisor about the ever happy servant and upon his suggestion the king decided to have an experiment leaving a bag of coins at the poor but happy servant’s door. It was a bag of 99 coins and the happy and lucky servant decided that what was only missing was one coin to make it 100…The number 99 now looked like a circle which was missing only 1 to become a “ whole round” 100 ...

"The Circle of 99"Jorge Bucay

Jorge Bucay was born in 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s a doctor and Gestalt psychotherapist and psychodramatist as well as a writer. When he decided to write his stories , he had more than a dozen of his books translated into more than twenty-one languages and placed top on the best seller lists in every country. Jorge Bucay regards his stories as “therapeutic tools’


He was laughing and singing and thanking God for his good fortune. He then started counting the moneyThere were 99 golden coins. “There is one missing, there should be 100”- he thought.

If we always need someting in order to be complete and happy, we will never enjoy life and its joys and blessingsHappiness is not having it all but being contented and grateful for what we have.The only treasure worth being happy about is the one we have at hand.

Why shouldn’t I be happy? I’m just happy.

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99 coins are the 100% of our treasure. Nothing is missing, no one stole anything, 100 is not as round as 99 is.


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