The Church of Latter Day Saint

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The Church of Latter Day Saint

The Church of Latter Day Saints or otherwise known as the Mormon Church, was founded by Joseph Smith Jr. Smith claims that he encountered God and was told to avoid membership in the local churches because they had become corrupt. Four years later, Smith founded Mormonism

Smith translated a series of plates into the very famous Book of Mormon. Smith was guided in his translation by the divine being Meroni, who appeared him to one day. The heiroglyphics soon became the ultimate source of beliefs for the Church of Latter Day Saint. From there, Smith built his church.

The Church of Latter Day Saints

Mormonism is one of many Christian denominations that is quickly gaining quite the following. This can be the result of the emphasis of the group mentality.

While gaining many new followers, Mormonism has also gained a number of critics. This is partially due to some controversial beliefs, such as polygamy. While not all Mormons practice/ even support polygamy, it is still associated with the religion. Polygamy is the marriage of one man to multiple women, and is outlawed for its imoral essence.

This is the symbol most commonly associated with Mormonism.

Some forms of Mormonism dictate the whole lifetsyle of individuals, while other forms are more lenient. In all cases, Mormonism places a large emphasis on the role of the Bible.


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