The Chrysler Gas Turbine Car

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The Chrysler Gas Turbine Car

The Chrysler Gas Turbine Car

A Glog by Adam Moyer and Brendan Conway

POSITIVE OUTCOMES:-Can run off of basically any combustible liquid-Had space for up to four, despite the size of the engine and transmission-Was considerably fast considering its weight and early turbine engine (0-60 in 12 seconds)

NEGATIVE OUTCOMES:-Costed up to $350,000 in today's currency just to manufacture-Very difficult to control temperature, and engines often overheated-Only available with an automatic transmission, which often ceased functioning after 35,000 revolutions per minute

We believe the turbine engine may return to the commercial market in the future, because it does not rely primarily on gasoline.

The Chrysler Gas Turbine Car was a coupe built in 1963. Its unequity lies in revolutionary turbine engine, Chrysler's fourth and successful attempt at creating a commercial turbine engine. It operates like any other vehicle, yet the engine did not require liquid lubricants and lacked many moving parts. It was built by the Chrysler Corporation, primarily Fred Wiggins, who designed the transmission and engine.

People were awed by the idea of a vehicle with the engine of an aircraft, which was inspired by the Space Race. The President of Mexico endorsed the vehicle by driving one through the desert fueled by tequila.

This vehicle made a substantial difference in the transportation field of technology. Chrysler later went on to revisit the turbine engine and designed the engine for the M1 Abrams tank.

We chose this technology because it is not very popular, so not a lot of people know about it. Which means we thought it could be fun to teach about.

This technology also effected technologies like energy and power. Running off of an engine that could be powered by almost any combustible liquid. That was very revolutionary because it could cut our nations dependance on gasoline.


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