The Chrysler Building

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The Chrysler Building

COOL FACTThe Chrysler Building was an example design artdeco.

What does it look like and contain---------------------------The features arethat it has steel eagles on the 61 floor and a silver crown,what it contains is 400,000 rivets 5000 windows, 750 miles of cunducter wire , 185 foot spire, 77 floors, 29,961 tons of steal, and finally 27 tons was hidden in the building

Info box--------------- The Chrysler Building was built of stainless steel-Was made of brick-Has cool lobby-Art on sealing of main lobby -1.2 million sqsuare feet-destanation for archetechts -Cost 20,000,000$

Why popular---------------------------------The silver crown was the most important piece. It was the most gorgeous building in the world.

The Chrysler Building

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Chrysler was americas biggest car manufacturehere is the cars they made


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