The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

Henry McMillin.Vlad's best friend/drudge."Dude, you're a vampire. Everything sucks for you.""I'm going with you. I'll always have your back."

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.By Courtney Rice.

Vladimir Tod-half human, half vampire. Resident in Bathory, fights for his life, falls inlove twice.Lives his whole life believing hisparents where killed because of him.Mulling this over, he wiped her lipgloss from his lips. After all, vampires didn'tsparkle."I'm a creature of the night for Go'ds sake,& she wants me home by eleven?""I'm too tired to reign over Vampire kind, let alone enslave the human race."

Meridith Brookestone.Vlad's first love. Most popular girl in school."Vlad...about what you said to me that night. You where...Just kidding, right? About bieng a....A vampire?"

Thomas Tod.Vlad's father- returns in his life after Vlad believed he was dead for 10 years."I left to protect you, Vladimir. I had to."

Otis Otis.Vlad's Uncle and protector."Don't ever trust anyone Vlad, not even me.""Vladimir forgives you, Tomas. Nelly forgives you. I forgive you, brother."

Snow.Goth girl/Vlads true love."You need to feed, go ahead Vlad.""Thank you for trusting me. I wish this wasn't happening."

Vikas.Member of Elysian Coucnil/Brother of Otis. "I do believe you are the pravus, Vladimir."

Aunt Nelly.Vlad's gaurdian."I care about you, Vlad. & I worry about you, because you're...special."

Eddie Poe.Nerd/Outcast.A nerd who Vlad feels sorry for-until he finds out his darkest secret and tries to reveal him for the monster he is."I want fame, Vlad. I saw your eyes change that night. I know what you are. And I'm going to expose you."

Mellina Tod.Vladimirs mother- She dies when Vlad was younger in a house fire.

Joss McMillanVlads best friend/Henrys cousin/Slayer"I don't want to kill you Vlad. But I have to. Or else everyone will die."



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