The Christopher Killer

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The Christopher Killer

The Christopher killer by:Alane FergusonBy: 

Cameryn Moohney wants be a coroner. So her father lets her be an intern at his job but her Mammaw thinks it is a bad idea. She becomes an Intern and learns the rules of being a coroner. But when her friend is killed she must find a serial killer named the Christopher killer. This killer leaves a medal at each murder. She meets a lot of people who help as well as a lot of suspects as well. Watch as she tries to avenge her friend Rachel and prove her friend Adam innocent. There isn't much to this book, it's not very intresting.



There really isn't much of theme in this book. The closest thing to a theme in this book is family. But that is so rarelly talked about. Well this all I could get. Cameryn is upset because her mother who she thought was dead sent her a letter. This letter tells her she has a twin sister. Her father and Mammaw are also always fighting about Cameryn. In the end they all except each others faults and move on.


Well lets talk about the charectors because there introductions take up half the book. Yeah im not joking either. Well the most important charector is Cameryn Moohney and her father and her mammaw.There is also her friends Adam,Rachel and Lyric. She meets a sherif and his deputy named Justin as well as dr Moore. She also knows the physic Dr Jewel and his partner Stephanie. There is also a lot of boring forgetable charectors like Ben, Paul, Daphine and Patrick who are not worth mentchaning. Overall all the charectors are boring,forgetable, and not interesting.

The story takes place in Silverton, a town with seemingly no crimes. It takes place in present day.

I don't recomend this book. It takes too long to introduce the charectors and the ending is horrible. It's a shame too, it was building up to so much. I won't reveal the ending but it was really boring. I will give it this though it did get good after page 150 but then the ending sucked. I give this book a 3/10. Even though it was bad it is not the worst book I ever read. Something did bring me back to finish it.



St. Christopher Medal


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