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The Chosen

BOOK"The Chosen"By: Chaim Potok

"The Chosen" portrays two close friends growing up in a Jewish town where Zionism and Hasidism clash. Reuven meets Danny when both of their teams are against each other in a game of baseball, and Danny hits Reuven in the eye with the baseball when he bats. Reuven is taken to the hospital, and Danny visits him multiple times and apologizes. They slowly become friends and realize that they truly need each other present in their lives during these war times (World War II). Their bond has its ups and downs throughout the novel, due to their fathers' opposing views. Reb Saunders, Danny's father, does not at all support Zionism, since he is a Hasid whereas David Malter, Reuven's father, does not support Hasidism and is very vocal about his opinion on Israel, since he is a Zionist.



The theme of "The Chosen" is that one must learn to forgive in order to see through a person's soul. Although Danny's modern beliefs clashed with that of his father's, Reb Saunders's love for Danny ultimately overpowered the "generation gap", which had developed.


Danny (Daniel) Saunders- extremely intelligent, people in his community practically worship him, suffers of silence from his fatherReuven Malter- narrator, a guide/teacher and best friend to Danny, does not understand Reb SaundersReb Isaac Saunders- controlling, brings Danny up through silence, people worship him, HasidismDavid Malter- voice of reason, scholar at a school, gives Danny books secretly, Zionism

The setting of this novel took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York in June of 1944 through September of 1949.

I would definitely recommend this book to others because:1. It is important for people to appreciate their heritage2. It is important to understand the relationship between two friends and one's obligations to one's family3. It is important to undestand two opposing views or belief systems that may clash at times



I would recommend this book to those who have an interest in the religion of Judaism and baseball, and those who enjoy realistic fiction.


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