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The Choice


The major conflict in this book is the character Sandy and a choice she has to make that will impct her life forever.

Sandy is a 17 yearold, pregnate teenage girl. In the book The Choice, you follow Sandy through her desision of what to do with her baby, as well as the first time she meets him.

Meet Sandy

The ChoiceBy: Robert WhitlowTo learn more about Robert Whitlow Click the book cover


"Don't say anything now. wjait until yout sure in our own heart. pg. 58This is important because it shows that Sandy's parents trust her with the decision of what to do with the baby, even after her mistake.

Genre: Realistic FictionSetting: Small town around Theme: You should always stand up for what you believe and don't let others take control of things that are important to you.

In the end, Sandy decides to put her newborn babies up for adoption. Later on, she meets both of her twins and enjoys every moment of it


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Sandy is young, christian, and hopeful

"Sandy watched the blankets rise and fall with each breath. 'He's a miracle,' Sandy said" pg.155

Setting- Small town, around 2010 Climax- Sandy needs to decide what to do with her twon boys, and once she meets them she has a big choice to make Protagonist- Sandy's choice Genre- Realistic Fiction Point of view- Third person Theme- A choice you make early on can impact your future in a big way Characterization- - Brad is shown as a teenage jock who seems to not care about anything accept football- Sandy's brother is shown as a young innocent boy, who cares for his sister and wants to protect her


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