The chloroplast

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Cell Biology

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The chloroplast


Function• lack of immune cells in plants, so chloroplast is a key payer in pathogen defense.• produces molecules that protect the cells• synthesizes all fatty acids • carries out photosynthesis - Aneesa

Structure• Has 2 membranes (inner and outer membrane)• Stroma contains ribosomes, small pieces of RNA, DNA, the carrier of genetic information, and is the location of photosynthesis, Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light = sugar and oxygen • Thylakoids are small saclike membranes that are full of pigments Chlorophyll and proteins that absorb light• Thylakoids stack into columns called Grana• Lamella is membrane between the 2 main cell walls that contains pigments responsible for absorbing light - Matt

Types of cells that have them • An autotroph is something that can use energy from the sun and other organic carbohydrates and these cells contain chloroplast• Heterotrophs don’t have cells that contain chloroplast. -Seth

Location • Chloroplasts are found in the outer area of the cell and just float around in the cytoplasm. -Seth

Structure Description• Has a double membrane which contains thylakoids • Thylakoids are hollow disc shaped membranes that are stacked to form grana• Grana are suspended in the stroma -Aneesa

Where it is located in the cell


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