The Chinese Mitten Crab

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The Chinese Mitten Crab


(Eriocheir sinensis)

Where is it now?

It was reported in a river in Germany and spread throughout Europe then made its way to the Greak Lake, Lake Erie and Ontario, St. Lawrence River and then all over North America

Why is it a problem?

What makes it dangerous for the enivornment?

What is being done?

As there are so many Chinese mitteen crabs it has been difficult to find a way to control and remove these species. Many ways such as making barriers, setting up electrical screens, or even transporting them back to China have limited effects too. As of now, control of this species is still being developed.

Because the Chinese mitten crab has a characteristic to burrow, it cause river bank erosion which can weaken the bank and even cause it to collapse. Further, the Chinese mitten crab reproduces and migrates in large numbers that block water supply schemes and water intake for irrigation. As they migrate downstrream they also get stuck in holding tanks meant for fish.

The chinese mitten crab has shown to be a problem for many different reasons. For example, humans eat this crab but the crab can be a host for the human lung fluke parasite which can be dangerous for you health. They also have to ability to bioaccumulate contaminants that can be then passed along the food chain and they also damage fishing nets and eat the trapped fish within the nets which causes money loss for the fishmen.


The Chinese mitten crab, native to Asia, came mainly from the Yellow Sea between China and Korea

Original habitat and food source

They're originally found at a depth of 10cm in fresh and brakerish waters in estuaries, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. But to reproduce they need to be in a saltwater habitat. They are omnivores and eat things such as algae and marine invertebrates.

How did it arrive?

The Chinese mitten crab has arrived to its new habitat from one of three ways:1) by migration or drift of larvae2) imports from crago or ballast ballast water3) brought for consumption or for aquaculture

Organisms threatened by this species

Many aquatic plants such as the algae and detritus get consumed by this species. It also consumes the crayfish species and salmonoids which are already endangered making the Chinese mitten crab a mjor threat to these plants and animals.


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