The Chill Factor

by KellyMaloney
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The Chill Factor

The Chill Factor

DescriptionThe point of The Chill Factor is to discover if there is a difference between the rate at which the same liquid can be cooled in two different types of packaging, bottles and cans.ProcedurePut a can of Sprite and a bottle of Sprite in a bucket of ice water at the same time and take the temperature of the liquid at intervals of three minutes for fifteen minutes giving you a total of five different temperatures.

ConclusionThis experiment showed that the same liquid cools ata quicker pace in a can than in a bottle. I believe this is because the can is a thinner layer between the liquid and whatever is on the outside of the can, in this case ice. Personally, as a fan of cold drinks, it makes more sense to go for the can rather than the bottle. Depending on a time frame, it is quicker to have a cold can of Sprite than a cold bottle of Sprite. This experiment shows that Sprite cools much quicker in a can.

Materials-1 can of Sprite-1 bottle of Sprite-bucket of ice-thermometer

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