The Child Soldiers of Uganda

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The Child Soldiers of Uganda

Children are used as soldiers because of how impressionable young minds are and how easy it is to manipulate children to obey.

A prime example of two children, being forced to become soldiers and handle deadly weapons.

Children all around Northern Uganda are being abducted and being forced to become Child Soldiers. The children are forced to kill innocent people they come across, all in the name of the LRA. (Lord's Resistance Army.)


The Child Soldiers of Uganda

The Lord's Resistance Army. (LRA)

The Lord's Resistance Army is military movement, or cult first formed by Alice Lakewena, but is now currently being led by Joseph Kony. Their main goal is to terrorize the people of Northern Uganda. As well as defeat Yoweri Museveni's government.

They gained power and followers by claiming they had spiritual power. The LRA soon began abducting children and forcing them to join, or else they'll be killed. This way, the LRA soon gained much power from it's army of child soldiers manipulated to kill.

In 2005 a film titled "Invisible Children: Discover the Unseen" was created, and documents the current war and the suffering the children are going through.

Joseph Kony is the current leader of the LRA. He gained power by convincing people that he had spiritual powers and created an army with his followers in order to take down Museveni's government. Though, after gaining power, his goal in mind has shifted to mostly inflicting terror on others.

The numbers of Child Soldiers is constantly increasing and decreasing. Creating difficulties in getting the exact number of soldiers.What is known is that soldiers are males, usually between the ages of 15 and 17. As for the girls getting abducted by the LRA, they are forced into marriage with other LRA members, and are also raped. Forced to carry the offspring of an LRA member.

Whenever a girl manages to escape the LRA, upon returning to her home village, she is treated with disrespect. They shun her, and consider her to not be one of them anymore. The same thing also applies to the boys that escape.

Even though it is difficult to obtain an exact number, the estimate of children kidnapped and brainwashed to become soldiers is around the 10,000 range and is growing.

The LRA was originally founded by Alice Lukwena whose only goal was to take down the government, though since Kony has taken over power of the LRA, their goals shifted to general terrorism.

The reason the LRA remains powerful is due to the fact that the Ugandan government supports what the LRA is doing up north in Northern Uganda because of political complications created by Museveni due to his hate towards the Northern areas of Uganda. So far, the government has hardly made any attempts to stop the LRA first hand.

However, there indeed HAVE been efforts to bring these children home. Including, but not limited to: Sending out "Come Home" radio signals and dropping massive amounts of brochures in the forests where the Soldiers currently are. The brochures contain information and directions on how to get home. As well as inform them they are INDEED wanted.


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