[2015] Kate Kelsch: The Child in Time

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[2015] Kate Kelsch: The Child in Time

Kate KelschPeriod 7Nov 25, 2015

Character Desription At the beginning of the book, Stephen is lazy and empty of emotion. He does what he is told but never really concentrates on his task, instead thinking of his lost daughter, Kate. He never really let go of her, she was what kept him going. He even says, 'Kate's growing up had become the essence of time itself.'(2) Stephen feels no urge to see people or be around them, and he only sees his friends Charles and Thelma Darke because they tell him to come over or because they drop by. His ex-wife Julie is someone he doesn't see very often. Near the conclusion, however, Stephen changes in a very important way. He begins to try. He starts forcing himself to play tennis, and he learns Arabic from the man who's apartment is just below his. He tries to patch himslef together, to become a person people want to be around, and that is very important. Stephen's friend Charles Darke is pne of the few people who still are friends with Stephen after the devastating incident of Kate's kidnapping. He was the man who first published Stephen's book, Lemonade, and that was how they met. Charles was always a very professional man, and had always looked big and strong dressed in dark suits and ties. When Stephen and Charles met, Charles wasn't interested in a political career. However, he becomes a candidate for minister, and it looked like he was going to win, when suddenly (and mysteriously) he simply stopped. He and his wife Thelma both retired from thier respective jobs and moved to Suffolk, a secluded place in the countryside. When Stephen asks why, they give him only obscure answers and tell him to visit them and he will see.Thelma tries to explain without really telling Stephen anyhting by saying, 'No one would guess it for a moment, but Charles has an inner life.' (48) When Charles isn't dressed in his fancy suits, his figure is smaller, more delicate and childish.

The child in timebyIan McEwan

SettingThe story takes place mainly in London, Britain, in a dystopian future. The main character, Stephen, occasionally travels to the countryside to visit his ex-wife Julie in Kent, or his friend Charles Darke who is a prominent political figure. Charles and his wife can't explain their move, all they say is, 'We really would like you to come and see us in Suffolk. It will be easier than explaining.' (43) Almost ironically, when in Kent visiting his ex-wife, Stephen has an out-of-time experience where he watches his parents discussing the matter of his birth, she states that she saw a face in the window, and that face persuaded her to keep the unborn child.

Time doesn't always heal your wounds.

Review Two years ago, Stephen and Julie Lewis's daughter, Kate, was kidnapped at a supermarket. The incident tore his marriage apart. He lost his spirit, his will to live and for a while had to live with Charles and Thelma Darke, his friends. Charles was the man who published Stephen's children's book Lemonade, and always seemed broad and strong in his dark suits and ties. The author of this book never really describes people, instead he has Stephen think about a memory that seems to best describe them. Julie comes across and a beautiful, gentle, playful young woman who plays in a quartet. Charles is depicted as a headstrong businessman who excels at winning over people. He is the prime minister's favourite. Thelma is a strong, intelligent women who teaches quantum physics and occasionally tries to shove her theories and hypotheses into Stephen's head. The characters are intruiging and thought provoking, as well as relevant to the story. Elabourate descriptions provide color to the setting and life to the characters. I give it a four out of five star rating. some of the descriptions were tedious and unneeded. I never saw a real point to the story, although it was beautifully written.

Connections The main character's daugghter is abducted at a supermarket in England, and would have been only one of many abduction cases. There are roughly 514 child abducton cases reported in England and Wales. Abductions by strangers are completed succesfully only 25% of the time. There are more succesful parent abductions, where the parent takes their child away from the other carer/guardian without permission. The most abductions are committed by people who have been offenders before. There was an abduction peak of 1,000 in 2004/2005. It went down afterwards, but this year has seen the first increase in over a decade.


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