[2014] Ethan Elliott (Feldmann13): The Cherokee's

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[2014] Ethan Elliott (Feldmann13): The Cherokee's

Political SystemThe Cherokee's called them selves Ani-Yunwiya, the " Principal People". The Cherokee were forced westward by the arrival of the Europeans. They had two seperate rulers one of them was a war ruler. The other one was a peace ruler. The peace ruler tried to solve conflicts through conversation.

Gender RolesMen: were in charge of hunting and war. Also, they were in charge of diplomacy. Men made the political decisions for the Tribe. Men were also cheifs and woman were landowners. Woman: were in charge of farming and property. Also, they were in charge of taking care of the family. Woman made social decisions for the clans.

The Religion The religion of the Cherokee Indians is known as "Cherokee Beliefs". Two numbers played an important role in their ceremonies. They were the numbers 4 {for north, south, east and west} and 7 {for north, south, east, west, up(the Upper World), down(the Lower World) and center(where we live and where you always are), and for the 7 clans. Pine, cedar, holly, laurel, and spruce were important in ceremonies too. Cedar is the most sacred of all and was used to carry the honored dead in ancient days. They belived in ghosts. They had seven ceremonies to represent the whole Cherokee nation.

The Cherokee Tribe

Culteral PracticesThe kids played a game called Stickball. Stickball is like the game lacrosse but the sticks are like hockey sticks. The men teached the boys how to hunt. And the woman teached the girls to make fire and take care of the family. Lastly, the woman teached the girls to create pottery, and basket weaving.

Values One of there most well known values were Buffalo, and Deer. They also valued their elders. Another thing they valued was their land ,and weapons. Next, they valued their homes , and Cannoes. Lastly, they valued each other, and also valued their religious beliefs.

By: Ethan Elliott


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