The Chenergy

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The Chenergy

The Chenergy

The Chenergy immediately starts charging when connected to a device with low battery levels by simply pressing the mushroom button with your hand or foot. When the device is fully charged or unplugged, the charger will automatically shut off to save energy and your battery. The charger’s green technology allows for zero standby energy consumption.

The lightweight Chenergy has a very compact design and an integrated cable reel that makes it ideal for travel and portable use. The glossy white and green wall charger is available in three models. One for USB-connected portable devices such as tablets, cameras, and cellphones. Another with an embedded micro USB cable for Android and other smartphones. And a third model that includes an Apple 30 pin cable for iDevices.

The Chenergy conserves energy by automatically stopping the transfer of energy to your phone when your phone is fully charged.

By Izzy B. & Lily Z.



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