The Changing Culture of the 60s

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The Changing Culture of the 60s

A Changing Culture

By Connor Polich and Misti Johnson

ARTin the 60s was very heavily influenced by the counterculture movement. Artists attempted to bring their art into the mainstream with simple, commercial-looking images which often depicted everyday life. These images were repeated to look impersonal, a criticism of the times implying that individual freedom and expression was being suffocated by a "cookie-cutter" lifestyle.

Andy Warhol was a very influential artist in this time and created images of soup cans, Marilyn Monroe, and other icons of mass culture.

Rock Music was exploding during the 60s, with Rock n' Rollbecoming the voice of the people's protests. The music wasan offshoot of rhythm and blues music.

The band that, more than any other, propelled rock musicwas The Beatles. This British band took America by storm.They inspired countless other bands and individuals.

As a whole, the 60s "do your own thing" attitude led to an increase in social tolerance in America.


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